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What is FCT?
FCT is a Fixed Cellular Terminal, a device which converts GSM into a Fixed Trunk Line. It can be used with enterprise PBX Systems to alow them to make/recieve calls over GSM/CDMA Network. It is a GSM Gateway which provides a GSM Trunk that can be connected to Trunk Ports of the PBX and provide the crisp voice quality equivalent to that of a fixed line over GSM Network
Why do we need FCT?
FCTs divert calls trafic through GSM Network and optimize business telephony costs. Today more and more people are on move and keeping in touch increases telephony costs. Secondly, the landlines are not exapnding with the pace our cities are expanding. GSM FCTs provide last mile communication to organizations having remote offices.

Accord GSM Gateways
Accord GSM Gateways are very reliable and stable backed up by strong R&D. We have been the OEM Partner for Airtel,Idea,Vodafone for GSM Gateways. The product is tested and used across India. Accord GSM Gateway is also available on DGS&D Rate Contract and used extensively by Indian Armed Forces.
Our Product Range
Accord has a wide product range from 1 Port to 8 Ports GSM Gateways. All products are Quad Band which can be used across the world with any GSM Operator. The Voice Clarity is crisp and clear. It can be connected to any make of PBX and Telephone units.

Product Range

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