GSM to Phone Line Converter


Multi Party Conference Facility of GSM network can be operated by PABX/KTS extension users
Call waiting facility of GSM network can be operated by PABX/KTS extension users

Caller ID presentation on Output (FXS) ports
Echo cancellation for excellent voice

Zero delay dialing mode
Polarity reversal on call maturity for call metering purpose

Dial Tone similar to P&T line dial tone
Signal strength indicator

City code programmable to dial fixed local numbers via GSM network
Strong Signal with External Antenna


Wireless connectivity to exisiting PBX in offices using GSM technology is provided. Organizations situated on the outskirts of cities, forests, hilly terrains, deserts etc. can benefit from the service as the availability of wired telephone lines is very poor and unreliable for them.

All 'Fixed to Mobile' and 'Mobile to Fixed' calls can be converted to 'Mobile to Mobile' calls which will save communication cost.

Low cost Closed User Group can be formed among mobile phones and PABX/KTS extension phones to stay in touch with staff and colleagues.

Low cost Mobile to Mobile tariff can be availed on PABX/KTS extension phones

Tamperproof, weatherproof connectivity. In situations of wire cut, thunder, bad weather etc., connections will be intact through GSM connectivity. This helps to keep an alternate reliable route available at all times and incoming traffic remains un-disturbed.

The success rate of outbound call centers is less than 5%. Majority of calls end in about 10 seconds. GSM GATEWAYS provide a per second billing plan with GSM OPERATORS which make it possible for organizations to reduce cost of such calls


Model: MG-200/MG400/MG800
No of Ports: 2/4/8

GSM SIM Card: 2/4/8
Frequency Bands: Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz

SIM Card: Standard SIM, 1.8V or 3V
Compliance: GSM phase 2/2+

FXS Port: RJ-11 x 1
Dialing: DTMF & Pulse Dialing

CLIP: DTMF presentation
Voice: ECHO Supression

Input Voltage: External Adaptor 100 VAC ~ 300 VAC
Battery Backup: Inbuilt Charger for Power Backup

Weight: XYZ gms
Dimension: L x B x H

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